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Hoa lu ninh binh tour
Hoa lu Ninh Binh the best choice for tourists for short time travelling, with dozens of must-see sites and increasingly upgraded services



You choose the tour and on-demand services, then the company Bigsea Travel program agreed on, prices and details of the service by phone, email, fax ...


To keep the service (booking flights, train tickets package tours ...) and to carry out tours in accordance with the agreed requirements, customers please deposit a minimum amount equal to 30% - 50% ticket value (depending on the contract value) as soon as two sides agreed on the program.


Em muốn đặt vé đi bái đính tràng an 1 ngày thì ngày nào cũng khởi hành đc ạ . di chuyển ntn vậy ạ
Nguyễn Trúc Anh
Minh muon mua tour cho 7 nguoi di tu Ha Noi tham quan Trang An-Bai Dinh-Hoa Lu Tam coc Bich dong.Bao Gia giup minh. Tour nay can di may ngay. neu minh muon o lai Ninh Binh mot dem o tai Vissai Hotel->
Tran Thi Hoang Thu
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